Cedar Sales  offers a popular range of profiles designed to look like battens over timber. These two profiles, Castellation and Screenclad create stunning finishes and are easy to use.

Designers prefer to use timber battens for the stunning look they create, but can need time and skill during construction to achieve straightness, prevent battens from splitting, or from lifting away. Additionally, patching nail holes is a problem.

Designers can now get the same ‘batten over timber’ look with the two profiles from Cedar Sales, minus the hassles and difficulties.

Suitable for ceilings, walls and small feature areas, both Castellation and Screenclad profiles deliver a great styling impact and can be fixed to studs or most other substrates.

Key features of Cedar Sales Castellation and Screenclad cedar profiles include:

  • suitable for internal or external applications
  • gives designers and trades less hassle and a constant finish
  • machined out of first grade Western Red Cedar
  • all ‘battens’ are perfectly straight, evenly spaced, and part of the base timber
  • tongue and groove profile allows for concealed nailing eliminating exposed fixings
  • supporting lip of timber under the tongue makes the profile stronger and less easy to shatter or split during fixing
  • face fixing also recommended for all timbers on external walls as per standard building practice
  • stainless steel, silicon bronze or (individual) hot dipped galvanised nails recommended for external applications to prevent rust marks.