Castelation Stepped Expression, one of the latest developments from Cedar Sales is a unique range of timber wall panelling solutions made from Western Red Cedar.

Castelation Stepped Expression timber panels are available in different sized tongue and groove profiles that all fit together, allowing designers to create any variety of striking and interesting effects to walls and ceilings. Designers, for instance can use flat sections, create an uneven effect or add large chunky pieces for interesting results and bold effects.

Cedar Sales’ Stepped Expression timber panelling allows fast installation with the tongue and groove prefinished timber. The panelling is designed to conceal nails, while the battens do not require straightening or spacing, saving on installation time. 

In the image shown Kon Panagopoulous from KP Architects has created a unique, eye-catching effect by using  two profiles of different sizes, and painting every second timber black or clear.

The timber wall panelling products create amazing results, and they are very simple to construct, which ensures projects are finished quickly and on time.

Western Red Cedar from Cedar Sales is one of the first Australian building products to achieve a GreenTag LCARate Platinum Rating for sustainability, which is the highest rating that can be awarded.

Ecospecifier has also awarded the prestigious GreenTag GreenRate Level A Certification to all Western Red Cedar products from Cedar Sales.

Cedar products from Cedar Sales are reasonably priced for the market and they are sourced and milled for the environment.