This Altache Panel Garage door certainly grabs people’s attention as you drive down this Noosaville Street.

The warm gentle feel of the Western Red Cedar boards, complimented with the shine of the black anodised aluminium strips between, gives this garage door an ideal touch of quality.

The Altache Panel, available from Cedar Sales , can be used in many more applications then just garage doors, such as; Ceilings and Alfresco Ceilings, Wall Linings and Wall Panelling, in Outdoor Entertaining Areas, Feature Walls, Exterior Claddings, Eve and Sofit Lining, Cabinet making and Joinery, on Spa’s and Gazebos and many more.

The Altache Panel is commonly used in Western Red Cedar with either clear (silver) anodised aluminium or black anodised aluminium; however, it is also available in a timber called Hemlock as well.

All Altache profiles are a concealed fix design, meaning that there are no unsightly nails or screws seen once the project is complete. Altache also offers good weather protection, easy installation, timber choice and aluminium colour choice.

The Altache profile comes in various thicknesses and covers, all of which are available on an Altaché Sizes Chart through direct enquiry.

Cedar Sales supply all their Western Red Cedar Altache in Clear Grade Western Red Cedar. The Altache profiles are available in Enviro Choice – an earth friendly prefinished coating.

Cedar Sales’ Product Catalogue offers more information about Internal Panelling, Linings, Claddings, Altache Claddings and Altache Panelling and Altache Fineline, Weatherboards, Shingles, Trim Products, Mouldings, Decorative Timber Mouldings, Joinery Profiles, Architraves and Skirtings, Finished Dressed Sizes and Rough Sawn Sizes.