A kitchen island and a 3D scanning pod, both made using Corian were honoured at the Corian Design Awards 2015 – Edition 3.

While Wynnstay House won the Project Category award, the Product Innovation award went to mPort.

Project Category Winner: Wynnstay House

Corian was used in a kitchen island application at the Wynnstay House. Corian was chosen for this project for its malleability and robustness as well as the freedom to shape the material. The island bench has an iceberg appearance, referencing the water theme of the interior. The seamlessness facilitated by the Corian material lends practicality and longevity to the form.

The kitchen island was designed by Rob McBride and Debbie Ryan of McBride Charles Ryan. Corian in Glacier White was chosen for the application. Corian Fabricator Individual Design and Construction executed the project.

Product Innovation Winner: mPort

mPort’s 3D scanning pod, called mPod is a world-first, patent-pending innovation that allows body measurements to be mapped in 3D for mobile fashion and health applications.

Located within major shopping centres across Australia, mPods are designed to create a comfortable, secure and user-friendly environment that projects a classy vibe through form and material selection. Corian was chosen as a cladding material to meet the standard of experience mPort sought to achieve in their mPods.

In addition to meeting the aesthetic objectives of the pod design, the Corian material also helped during the initial prototyping phase with its durability and flexibility. By allowing seamless finishes, the pods resemble a one-piece sculpture instead of a manufactured product.

mPort’s 3D scanning pods were designed by Melody Shiue of mPort with Corian Glacier White chosen for the application. Joiner Euroline Pty Ltd and Corian Fabricator Palette Solid Surface and Fabrications Pty Ltd worked on the project.

The Australian owned and operated CASF specialises in decorative surfacing materials, including the original solid surface brand DuPont Corian.