Nestled in the vibrant heart of Sydney’s Darling Harbour, the W Sydney Hotel stands as a modern marvel, redefining the essence of luxury and hospitality in one of Australia’s most beloved cities. This expansive facility provides a range of immersive attractions and amenities, catering not only to discerning travellers but also serving as a favoured social destination for locals in Sydney.

The W Sydney Hotel features 600 luxury rooms and suites, each offering a unique blend of sophistication and innovation. The design, spearheaded by the talented team at Bowler James Brindley (BJB), drew deep inspiration from the 1990s New York City ‘future noir’ characteristics, infused with a playful and vibrant twist reminiscent of Darling Harbour’s lively ambiance.

The designers have adeptly incorporated local architectural elements such as the nearby freeway’s movement, maritime influences, and the vast Sydney skies into the hotel’s design, resulting in a space that reflects its surroundings while maintaining its unique identity.

A nod to maritime elegance in guest rooms

The guest rooms at the W Sydney Hotel are a testament to the thoughtful, inspired design. “We are particularly proud of the guest rooms,” add the designers. “Subtly inspired by the hotel’s maritime setting, dynamic curves are reflected in a sweeping wall, which creates the ‘architecture’ of the room. The dense blues of the bathroom extend the connection to the sea and, and in a small but luxurious dressing space we wanted a celebration of the country’s flora and fauna in bursts of red and pink.”

In the bathrooms, the choice of Corian® Evening Prima underscores the hotel’s commitment to elegance and functionality. This rich blue tone, speckled with metallic flecks, mimics the captivating dapple of an evening sky, harmonising beautifully with the maritime theme. Corian®, known for its durability and non-porous nature, not only enhances the visual appeal of the bathrooms but also promotes a hygienic environment. Its ease of cleaning and maintenance is perfectly aligned with the high standards of hospitality design, making it an ideal choice for such a high-traffic environment.

The hotel is not just about luxurious accommodations; it boasts a rich array of amenities designed to enhance the guest experience. The crown jewel is the two-storey rooftop bar, the WET Deck, featuring a heated infinity pool with stunning views over Darling Harbour. Additional facilities include a state-of-the-art spa, a fully equipped gym, a signature restaurant and bar, and versatile event spaces that cater to both business and leisure activities.

The W Sydney Hotel, with its thoughtful design and unmatched amenities, provides a sanctuary of luxury and relaxation. Offering a unique fusion of local inspiration and contemporary comforts, it stands as a premier destination for both travellers seeking an immersive Sydney experience and locals looking for a sophisticated retreat. This hotel offers more than just accommodation; it’s a place where inspiration thrives.

Project details

Project: W Sydney Hotel

Design: Hassell Studio and Bowler James Brindley (BJB)

Builder: Build Corp Group

Fabrication: Manooga Products


  • Bathroom Vanity
  • Shelf Under Vanity
  • Bath Fronts

CORIAN® Colours

  • Evening Prima [E]

Photography: W Sydney