Carter Holt Harvey  has announced that Shadowclad cladding will be supplied with a new and improved beige primer replacing the current grey finish.

The new beige primer is more suited for application with film forming stains creating an authentic finish with less maintenance than penetrative stains that have been applied on Shadowclad Natural.

With good UV resistance, the beige primer provides a high resistance to face checking, extending the service life of the top coat.

Shadowclad Texture and Grooved are both available with the re-formulated factory applied exterior beige primer.

The powder coat is baked onto the rough sawn surface providing Shadowclad with good resistance to the damaging effects of sun and weather.

Unlike liquid primers, the powder coating process prepares the surface with a continuous film across all edges, over the shiplap and enrobes the surface fibres. Like the duco of a car, the powder is baked onto the surface of the panels, cross-linking and bonding to the wood surface until it is cured to an impervious continuous finish.

Features of the primed Shadowclad surface include:

  • High film build of 70 microns, which is 2-3 times the thickness of typical water based primed surfaces
  • The continuous powder coated surface is water repellent and saves time and costs when top coated
  • As there are no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the powder, Shadowclad is safe to handle and cut
  • Pre-primed Shadowclad can be exposed for up to 3 months prior to top coating
  • Suitable for film forming stains
  • More authentic and accurate top coat colour reproduction

For best results when painting on primed Shadowclad, use a high quality paint such as Taubmans Sunproof Max Acrylic Low Sheen (D134) with a brush or roller. Other paint systems are available from Woodman’s and Dulux. Spreading rates on the new primed surface are 14 m2 per litre with recoat in just 2 hours. Carter Holt Harvey recommends painting within 3 months of installation or external exposure.

Samples of Shadowclad in the new beige primer are available form Carter Holt Harvey or your local paint specialist. It really is primed and ready to go.