When you are talking about an airport – everything is in big numbers. And the Gold Coast Airport terminal expansion is no exception.

The landmark project will double the footprint of the existing terminal when it opens later this year, adding 30,000 square metres. It will include a new departure lounge, aerobridges, additional retail space and baggage handling and border control facilities. The project is seen as critical to growing local tourism on the Gold Coast and northern NSW regions.

Construction of the new three-level terminal designed by Hassell and constructed by Lendlease, presented its own fair share of challenges including scale, noise minimisation and a global pandemic.

Jaime Genn, Project Manager of Havendeen Roofing explained how a double layer of Ecoply plywood was used for acoustics under the roofing and how it also helped speed up construction by reducing exclusion zones before the roof was installed.

“The double layer of 25mm and 21mm Ecoply plywood was installed over the entire roof to meet the acoustic rating. Some 14,000 square metres of it. The added benefit was that workers then had free rein to work under it while insulation and roofing sheets were installed on top.”

This reduced the need for scissor lifts and exclusion zones. And it’s becoming a more common practice. Havendeen Roofing have used the same method in four other Tier 1 projects recently.

Structural Ecoply plywood provides durability, strength and design flexibility and is certified by the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia (EWPAA) as compliant with AS/NZS 2269 and meets Fire Hazard properties AS1530.3.

Building during a global pandemic added to the logistical challenges of this project. Like many construction materials, plywood was in short supply. Fortunately, locally-made Ecoply is manufactured in Myrtleford, Victoria and could be brought directly to site in 13 massive semi-trailer loads.

Now that travel is coming back and cooler weather is approaching, it’s clear that the Gold Coast Airport team will need every square metre of the new space to accommodate keen travellers again.