Carter Holt Harvey ’s hySPAN structural laminated veneer lumber (LVL) range provides a cost effective solution to residential, commercial, rural and industrial construction applications.

Available in two complementary ranges delivering both softwood and hardwood alternative beam solutions, hySPAN and hySPAN+ are both sourced from managed plantation forests and come with FSC ‘Chain of Custody’ certifications upon request.

The new hySPAN structural LVL is engineered to perform at an affordable price. Strong and straight, with consistent performance, the product is readily available in continuous lengths and thicknesses, including 35mm, 45mm, 63mm and 75mm, and sections depths from 90mm to 600mm.

HySPAN, manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 4357, is made from plantation timber, which is rotary peeled, dried and laminated together in continuous lengths. The veneers are bonded together with a Type ‘A’ (marine) bond which has proven performance for in excess of 50 years.

According to Carter Holt Harvey’s website, HySPAN is produced with a minimum grade ‘D’ face and is not generally used for appearance applications. It is suitable as a structural product in residential, commercial, industrial and rural applications following design verification, but is not intended to support brickwork or other heavy masonry products.

The hySPAN+ F17 graded structural LVL is another product in the range, and offers an alternative to F17 hardwood beams for residential construction in traditional sizes. Providing the extra performance of F17 graded LVL with modified properties, it is available in continuous lengths in thicknesses of 35mm and 45mm, and section depths of 90mm to 290mm.

Both products are termite protected, with other treatment levels available from the suppliers on request.

Case study: National Portrait Gallery by Johnson Pilton Walker (JPW)

The National Portrait Gallery in Canberra by JPW features an arresting timber roof structure made with hySPAN structural LVL. In line with the design of vast open spaces and lofty ceilings, hardwood glulam beams were initially specified, but the hySPAN structural LVL was recommended instead. This resulted in massive financial savings and a simpler construction of the roof forms.

Carter Holt Harvey had to put on a special run for the gigantic order amounting to over 250 cubic metres supplied through Meyer Structalum. The enormous roof structure was trucked on to site, and craned into position partially assembled – a feat that was “quite a task”.

However, the light weight of LVL proved beneficial, with John Holland project manager, Paul Van der Plaat, pointing out that the team could “get better spans using hyS{AN, with reduced section sizes.” This, in turn, reduced weight, time and costs. 

National Portrait Gallery by JPW. Image: Brett Boardman. Source: Wood Solutions