Ecoply from Carter Holt Harvey was used to sheath the all-timber framing installed for the new multipurpose stadium in Myrtleford.

A town of about 3,200 residents located in the high country in Victoria, Myrtleford is known for its wineries, farmers’ markets and forest and mountain scenery. The town is also the home of Carter Holt Harvey where 100,000 cubic metres of Ecoply plywood are made annually.

The new $2.6-million multipurpose stadium, which was recently added to the town, was constructed adjoining the existing indoor stadium at the Myrtleford Showgrounds.

Constructed by Albury builders, Joss Construction, the all-timber frame was sheathed in Ecoply plywood and clad in Colorbond.

Peter Lutton, contract administrator for Joss Construction explained the process: “The plywood sheathing provided both flexibility and stiffening of the walls in construction. The Ecoply sheets were attached to girts all around the building; sisalation and battens were then added to make cladding the irregular and angular shapes easier.”

Ecoply is made from locally harvested Australian timber and is incredibly efficient in its use of the resource. FSC certification guarantees that the timber is also sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Photographs courtesy of Joss Group