Commercial air conditioners from Carrier Australia include direct expansion systems and chilled water systems, available with controls and heat load design software.

Range of direct expansion systems from Carrier Australia include packaged air cooled systems, ducted split systems, packaged water cooled and condenser-less systems and water heating products. Chilled water systems include liquid chillers and heat pumps. Controls include thermostats, building management controls, VAV control, software packages, user interfaces and network options. Heat load design software includes HVAC system design and chiller optimiser.

Packaged air cooled systems and ducted split systems are corrosion resistant and have polyester powder-coated galvanised steel cabinet with large aluminium drain trays to prevent water collection. Both packaged air cooled systems and ducted split systems are available in heat pump and cooling versions. Features of packaged water cooled and condenser-less systems include minimal footprint and vertical supply air discharge with washable return air filter.

Water heating products from Carrier Australia include pool heaters and hot water heaters. Liquid chillers and heat pumps include air cooled liquid chiller, air cooled scroll compressor chiller, air cooled liquid heat pumps and water cooled compressor chillers. Air side products include fan coil units, central station air handling units, terminal fan coil units and hydronic cassettes.