Openable windows and sliding doors from Carinya Residential Windows & Doors were installed at the modern townhouses located on Pine Avenue in Elwood, VIC. The light-filled, well-ventilated interiors of the townhouses are a result of the well-positioned awning and sliding windows as well as sliding doors, though the homes have been built on a narrow site.

Building on narrow urban sites can create challenges when it comes to ensuring good natural light and airflow in key living spaces. However, these townhouses in Elwood near Melbourne designed by Cera Stribley Architects were able to overcome the challenges of the site, thanks to the smart placement of all windows and doors across every level.

A series of windows and doors chosen from the Carinya Classic range, positioned on opposing sides of the properties, ensures ample light effectively reaches all three levels of each building. Windows were chosen in a variety of styles including awning, sliding and sashless, depending on the location, function required and wall space available.

Awning windows, for instance, were combined with fixed louvres in the smaller rooms on the ground floor where the windows were closest to a site boundary. Being slightly recessed, there is enough space for the awning windows to open while the louvres filter light and provide privacy.

The upper levels, where there is more wall space, feature sliding windows (horizontal or sashless), allowing for wider openings and actively contributing to cross-ventilation.

Access to the ground level courtyards and upper level balconies is through Carinya’s Classic sliding doors – a range of high performance sliding doors that boasts commercial grade credentials but is cost effective for residential applications. These doors allow the home to be opened up on both sides easily to take advantage of cool afternoon breezes, and minimise the need for artificial cooling. When the doors are closed, their robust design and integrated rollers ensure a secure and weather-tight environment.

Finished in Black Matt, the panels of vertical glazing on each façade contrast effectively with the white curved brickwork, delivering a series of contemporary homes, while referencing the history and character of the local neighbourhood.

Alspec products used in the project include sliding doors, awning window frames, awning window 92mm frames and sliding window 50mm frames – all from the Carinya Classic range – as well as Carinya combination frames.

Photography: Emily Bartlett