Several products from Carinya Residential Windows & Doors were installed at the Alba Apartments in Mason Point VIC to meet a wide range of requirements at the architecturally designed mixed use development.

Designed by DKO Architecture, the Alba development in Melbourne’s northern suburb of Mill Park consists of townhouses, apartments and retail tenancies. The architects were faced with the challenge of sourcing window and door framing products for the mixed use development with a diverse range of property types.

The Alba development demonstrates the versatility and flexibility of Carinya’s Classic and Select product ranges to suit a range of applications.  

The apartment building features 39 architecturally designed residences on top of five of the nine commercial tenancies (the other four located in an adjacent retail building). Each apartment features generous balconies, which are accessed using Carinya Select hinged doors. Chosen for their superior style and function, the Select doors contribute to the apartments’ modern look, while providing exceptional strength and performance.

Utilised in both internal and external locations, the hinged doors feature an 85mm wide face on all sides, giving a balanced look and providing the capacity to accommodate a variety of lock options as required in the residential apartment environment.

Carinya Classic sliding doors provide access to the individual garden courtyard areas of the 35 two-level townhouses. Developed for commercial environments, these modern-styled sliding doors feature end caps to conceal cavities and have no exposed tracks, thereby, minimising water ingress as well as entry of dust and insects. Internal weather flaps help to reduce air and water infiltration. While these doors feature the general Alspec proprietary roller, a heavy duty roller option is also available to accommodate larger glass panels.

Carinya Select awning windows were chosen for openable windows at the townhouses as well as the apartments. Windows from the Select range combine excellent strength and durability with a modern appearance, complete with designer bevelled edges. While the 92mm width frame was chosen for the Alba project, the narrower 50mm is also available as an option. The integrated hinge gives the window frame an overall clean finish, while the large integrated sill provides a stable base for chainwinders. 

For the larger fixed glass panels in the ground level retail spaces, two key Alspec framing products were utilised: ecoFRAMEplus 101.6mm centre pocket double glazed framing and Hunter Evo 150mm single flush glazed framing.

The ecoFRAMEplus is a particularly versatile framing option, easily accommodating both single and double glazing solutions and also offering energy efficiency properties. Hunter Evo has exceptional sound-reducing properties, and is frequently used in commercial shopfront applications for its ability to span large spaces. Both products integrate with the Carinya range, making them ideal for the Alba build.