Created by European manufacturer Vogel’s, Physix flat screen TV mounts are available from Canohm .

These cost effective TV wall mounts are durable and simple to install, and even easier to use.

Physix flat screen TV mounts from the Turn range can be turned up to 90 degrees from side to side, offering the flexibility to enjoy the TV from any angle. This function also helps to minimise glare from the sun or lamps.

The Tilt range allows the user to position the TV in a high position and tilt the screen for better viewing from a low angle. Tilt TV mounts can also help to minimise glare from lights.

The Flat TV mount is for those situations where the TV needs to very flat to the wall.

There are three factors to consider to ensure the correct mount is selected:

  • The screen size of the TV - from 19" (48cm) to 65" (165cm)
  • The weight of the TV
  • The horizontal and vertical distance between mounting holes on the back of the TV
Physix Tilt and Flat TV mounts are available in small to extra large sizes, while the Turn is available in small to large sizes:
  • Small – 19” to 26” – Max weight: 20kg
  • Medium – 26” to 37” – Max weight: 30kg
  • Large – 32” to 50” – Max weight: 45kg
  • X-Large – 40” to 60” – Max weight: 70kg