The last two years have seen a substantial rise in the back seat entertainment market with parents opting for portable DVD players over Eye Spy for the kids to entertain themselves on the road.

However, balancing a DVD player on small knees, apart from being uncomfortable and unstable over long periods, is extremely hazardous in the case of an accident.

Vogel’s DVDock, available from Canohm , is a safe and stable in-car headrest support for portable DVD players, designed to fit securely onto the steel supports of the front seat headrest(s).

Made from high quality materials, the DVDock is a stylish alternative to the headrest bag and strap designs, which are difficult to install, unattractive and dangerous in the case of sudden braking or indeed an accident.

The DVDock is easy to install to the headrest supports by using the supplied Allen key. Once the DVDock is adjusted to fit the DVD player, the player can be placed on and taken off in seconds.

As well, the DVDock has a tilt mechanism, which allows it to be adjusted to different viewing heights as well as to avoid sun reflection.

The DVDock holds the screen securely, avoiding the feeling of motion sickness that can be brought on by an otherwise shaking screen in the strap-on holders.

The DVDock fits most cars and can be adjusted to fit the majority of portable DVD players with integrated screens, both tablet style and clamshell.