Cane Cargo  supplies a range of resort furniture such as chests, chairs, dining tables, lounges and bedroom furniture. The extensive range of furniture supplied by Cane Cargo is suitable for use in holiday apartments, home-unit complexes and resort developments. Cane Cargo also supplies a range of furniture in different styles and designs for use in large restaurants, intimate bedrooms and outdoor environments. Some of the furniture supplied by Cane Cargo includes products such as antique chests, Barcelona modular corner suites, resin modular corner lounge suites, Batavia range of hall tables, canton range of coffee tables, tango range of occasional chairs, isobella range of dining sets and teak or textaline 7 range of outdoor dining sets.

The antique ranges of chests distributed by Cane Cargo are available in small and large models. The large antique chests supplied by Cane Cargo can be used as blankets storage or merely as a feature. The resin range of modular corner lounge suites distributed by Cane Cargo is available in chocolate colour and comes with black seat cushions.

The Batavia ranges of hall tables supplied by Cane Cargo are made from fine quality timbers. The resin range of modular corner lounge suites supplied by Cane Cargo has weather proof qualities, which makes it suitable for outdoor use.