Burgtec Office Systems  operates as one of the superior office furniture company in Australia. Burgtec Office Systems is one of the leaders in design as well as technology at the same time maintaining the traditional values in terms of ensuring attention to details, exceptional quality, superior market leading design and customer focused services. The in house research and development team works closely with customers in order to achieve beautifully designed functional office furniture.

All table and seating components of Burgtec Office Systems are made up of superior quality that are researched as well as tested under a close scrutiny in order to ensure that the highest standard product reaches the customers covering quality assurance with accreditation to EN ISO 9001:2000 and AS/NZS ISO9001:2000. Burgtec Office Systems has also forged alliance with one of the worlds leading international companies implementing European technology and style as well as manufacturing products in Western Australia.

Burgtec Office Systems offers chair varieties in terms of board room, task, executive, reception, meeting, break out and visitor. The task variety provided by Burgtec Office Systems includes chairs such as b3 Deluxe, duo back, b3 standard, function, burgmatic, m1, m3, m9 and intermaster.