The offsider estimating product of Buildsoft is a program that is designed especially for subcontrctors as well as for builders working in housing industry. Offsider estimating product of Buildsoft are designed for customers with little r no experience in terms of using the personal computer. This program is very powerful as well as offers complete features that would not disappoint a seasoned user.

The offsider estimating series of Buildsoft provides a choice of four programs at an affordable price. Offsider estimating programs have been designed in such a way to make the estimating process as smooth as possible. The four Offsider estimating program of Buildsoft includes Offsider Estimating Plus, Offsider Estimating with Ordering, Offsider Estimating and Offsider Estimating Lite.

The take-off system of Buildsoft are available as an add-on module especially for offsider plus. The price book product from Buildsoft allows customers to maintain a database with reference to suppliers as well as prices. The tutorial software of Buildsoft comes with tutorial movies as well as with complete user guide. The scheduling module of Buildsoft creates a critical path based on starting date of the job, nominated times and order of each task.