With more than 30 years of experience in manufacture of building maintenance equipment, Building Maintenance Units provides innovative and cost-effective products to customers, and has also developed expertise in the field of mechanical hoist equipment and personal safety restraint systems. Building Maintenance Units has carried out many high rise building projects and is said to be a leading supplier of specialised equipment for building maintenance.

The engineering design group of Building Maintenance Units provides advisory and consultancy services to customers including building owners, architects and builders. It has a special emphasis on safety and strives to provide technically sound and quality building maintenance equipment to clients.

Building Maintenance Units adheres to strict quality control measures. Its products are also used for commercial applications. Apart from specialising in the areas of design, manufacture and installation and servicing building maintenance equipment, Building Maintenance Units is also engaged in the design of personal safety restraint systems and also designs equipment for use in dangerous areas.

In order to adopt a more customer-centric approach, the engineers and production personnel at Building Maintenance Units work out the design specifications with the architects and project managers prior to manufacture.