Many buildings designed and built today are being constructed with little to no thought at all for the occupants' health. Mould, building material damage and decay, foundation and structural damage are some of the more commonly found problems in today's high standard buildings even before they have been finished and the owners can move in. Add to this the pollutants from our new and modern building materials and we have a walls / roof in a day with all the latest fashionable additions, using minimal space, built to the highest standard as cheaply as possible type of building that has an adverse effect on our health in almost every way possible.  

Another concern with today's building designs is that they require the use of mechanical devices to maintain the air quality, moisture and humidity levels, and temperature comfort levels. These can be noisy, energy inefficient and prone to breaking down as well as being completely useless when the power goes out.  

Using a Building Biology Consultant can assist in the creation of a building either residential or commercial, that:

  • Is Non-Toxic to the occupants
  • Is Ecologically Friendly
  • Is Energy Efficient
  • Has a superior Indoor Air Quality
  • Has reduced Mould problems
  • Reduces Electric and Magnetic Field Exposure
  • Improves the Health and Well-Being of the occupants
  • Has a higher Resale Value
A Building Biology Consultation will collect your ideas and performance expectations for the new building (or renovation), all aspects of the building and surrounds will be discussed, sites can be checked or recommendations made as to the type of site that would be ideal for your building, and material use and design concepts discussed to determine the best outcome for your proposed construction. Within your price constraints every effort will be made to help create a building that is as healthy as possible.