Tiles play an important role in interior design, setting the look and feel of the house.

Tiles are used to create the desired ambience but can also be difficult to choose. Consulting an interior designer can be useful as they can provide good advice on making the correct selection.

Ceramic tiles are in vogue especially in modern houses, and are available in various colours and colour combinations. In addition to standard sizes, custom sizes can also be supplied to meet specific requirements.

Ceramic tiles are versatile in application and can be used almost anywhere including walls, fireplaces, ceilings and floors. These tiles have a number of qualities that make them perfect for tiling almost any part of the building. Delivering thermal, chemical, and mechanical characteristics, ceramic tiles are resistant to impact, force, stain, and water absorption.

Ceramic tiles are especially recommended for bathrooms due to their innumerable advantages, and can be used innovatively.

Non-porous and slip-resistant tiles are perfect for bathrooms with their functional benefits. From an aesthetic point of view, bathroom tile colour can help create a unique look. White is a popular colour for bathrooms as it makes the bathroom look simple, clean, and fresh. Bathroom tiles usually have neutral colours. White bathroom tiles with blue accents look very relaxing, giving the bathroom a spa-like feel.

The size of bathroom tiles should be decided according to the size of the bathroom. A small bathroom has to be fitted with small sized tiles; large tiles will look ridiculous and make the bathroom appear smaller. Commonly used around the baseboard and shower area, ceramic tiles are used today on most bathroom vanities.

Available in a wide choice of colour and size, bathroom tiles offer significant creative scope in design. While purchasing bathroom tiles, ordering a few extra tiles is advised so that there is no need to compromise. Bathroom tiles with deep colours and vibrant patterns can change the entire look of the bathroom.

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