BriteDeck, a combination of recycled wood fibres and polymers that looks and feels like natural timber, is currently available as decking boards.

Being splinter free, the BriteDeck’s decking boards are a safe alternative for children. The profile of these decking boards integrate a hidden fastening system which eliminates the use of nails and visible fastenings on decks. Quick and easy to install, the BriteDeck decking boards can be ripped down easily using basic tools such as skill saws, bench saws, jigsaws etc.

Other features and benefits of BriteDeck decking boards include:

  • Dimensions: 140mm wide, x 32mm thick, x 5800mm long
  • Sold in full board lengths
  • Easy to saw, cut and plane.They can be mitred, planed and drilled where necessary
  • Brushed finish on both sides so generally hide marks and scratches very well.