Curve D900 is a warm white (3000K) LED downlight from Brightgreen . It features a circular beam for general illumination purposes and it matches the brightness and light output of a 50W halogen.

These LED downlights are designed to last as long as possible and use long life components that are rated above 100,000 hrs.

The Curve LED downlight’s light source is a single chip with multiple wavelengths (colours) of light that are balanced to match the sensitivity of the human eye to colour. This means that the colour temperature is consistent and offers a very high CRI (90). As a result, interiors and their occupants will look as good as possible.

These downlights use just 16W to produce over 900 lumens and are very eco-efficient. They can mantain 80% brightness at 70,000 hours. They also offer a cleaner aesthetic because of the fact that they use only one chip as a light source.