Mini but Mighty

Lights that disappear, are embedded or are just plain minimal are the biggest trend for 2023 and we don’t see it stopping there.

The mission for our latest, tiny-screams-of-excitement-inducing MINI Collection. Irresistible illumination without obstruction. We’ve all been there, standing in a living room with lighting fixtures so bulky, and in your face you could just about stick out your tongue and lick them. Not anymore.

Like zapping Arnie with a shrink ray, our mini LED lights pack a powerful lumen punch in a pocket-sized package. Plus, all the signature Brightgreen goodness – the world’s highest light quality, multiple fixture styles, and more. And in this bite-sized blog, you’ll learn about the technology behind these magically minimal LEDs.

Meet these small but mighty LEDs here.

MINI Collection

The Facts

A striking 90%+ of architects surveyed in January 2023 concur: Minimalism is the lighting trend to watch in 2023.

Next-generation technology allowed Brightgreen to shrink the lights while maintaining top-notch light output, the world’s highest light quality (Tru-Colour), and product longevity – backed by a drool-worthy 7-year warranty.

By reducing the use of materials and optimising shipping methods, we’ve also reduced our MINI Collection’s carbon footprint and embodied energy. And by offsetting more carbon than we emit, we’ve ensured a net negative carbon footprint for our eco-conscious MINI LEDs.

Designed in Melbourne, but performing peerlessly on the world stage. The MINI Collection has been an enormous hit at New York and Los Angeles trade shows, outshining even the most established European design houses.

Don’t let their size fool you, small but mighty: Mini LED lights

Ever wished that a light fixture would just disappear into your architecture, leaving only the perfect amount of illumination? Like Houdini making an elephant disappear, these tiny LED lights do just that. Unlike Houdini, these little lights will be found, eventually.

Decorative lights are designed for drama; these little lights are made for minimalism.

With our smallest recessed downlight only requiring a 30mm hole (cut-out), you can tuck these mini lights into tight spaces for a sleek, clean interior look. Another advantage lies in the mini dimmable drivers, which slide directly through the cut-out, making installation a breeze. You might even forget that the LEDs are there (except, well, for the bright illumination, of course).

Buh-bye bulky lights forever. Howdy, elegant minimalism.

Mini dimensions

Your pocket-sized powerhouse of innovative technology

Bite-sized lights. Hulk-sized power. When it comes to these small lights, size doesn’t matter. We’ve managed to take all the best bits of Brightgreen LEDs and stuff them into our petite lights. Think LEDs, jack-in-the-box style.

First, the technology. We shrunk our LED chips to the tiniest size possible, and our next-generation driver (both SAA-certified and RCM-compliant) is the smallest of its kind. That’s right, we’ve basically managed to make the technology disappear, too.

Second, there’s no loss in light quality. Treat your eyes to the same world’s highest light quality – Tru-Colour – in the tiniest light kit. That means a whopping 98 CRI, high TM-30, and optimised CCT.

Third, the same powerful lumen output as their supersized siblings. Despite their minimal size and shape, all the mini LED lights deliver maximum brightness.

All your favourite benefits in a pocket-sized package. That was our plan with these small LED lights. And does the MINI Collection deliver! See for yourself.

Mini size. Mind-boggling power and versatility

When designing the MINI Collection, part of our mission was to create unobtrusive fixtures for every aspect of your space – all with the same tiny footprint.

Recessed mini downlights? Check. Small surface lights? Check. Tiny track lights? Petite pendant lights? Check and check. So, you’ll get your mini’s worth with multiple lighting options for all the necessary illumination techniques – from general illumination to direct spotlighting.

Recessed mini downlights

Recessed mini downlights

Fancy a game of LED hide-and-seek? Recessed mini downlights, especially the trimless, are like lighting ninjas. These cheeky chameleons sneak into the architecture, camouflage within it, and become virtually invisible – while cunningly spotlighting your special fixed features.

Tiny track lights

Tiny track lights

LEDs that have moves smoother than Fred Astaire? These tiny track lights are the lighting world’s dancing queen – oh-so moveable and groovable. It’s just the LED for illuminating anything that likes to shuffle about.

Petite pendant lights

Petite pendant lights

Petite pendant lights produce a well-defined ‘pool of light’, offering precise light projection without any light spill. Think of it as a swanky shindig with a strictly enforced guest list – absolutely no light spillage allowed.

Small surface lights

Small surface lights

These mini LED lights are team players and love that extra bit of company – it’s the ultimate lighting tag team. They’re best installed in pairs, so you can double the fun (or, you know, double the light).

Plus, these tiny lights pair perfectly with our hidden lights to create alluring indirect ambient light. It’s the perfect combo of minimalism and might.

Mini size. Maxi energy. Get your Mini’s worth

Y’all ready to bypass those bulky LEDs for something tiny but mighty? Meet our newest mini munchkins now. But be warned, once you install them, your guests will be left wondering how you made the LEDs vanish.

If you’d like advice on how to incorporate these little lights into your home, Brightgreen offers complimentary lighting design services. Get in touch to learn more.

What’s next?

We’re always looking to push the boundaries of lighting technology. And our upcoming wall light series is a doozy. These tiny lights will pair scrumptiously with our new wall lights, so stay tuned.