Brightgreen presents its award winning D900 Cube. These cubes are 900 lumen, warm white (3000K) downlights, that feature a patented, square shaped light beam producing lens.

The state of the art design of the cube lights means that they are extremely efficient at fully illuminating spaces. The cube design aligns the light to the straight edges of a room, overcoming the limitations of circular downlights to evenly illuminating any space. 

Features and benefits of the cube downlights include:

  • less lights required to achieve the same lighting levels as round beamed downlights
  • environmentally friendly
  • dimmable - straight from the box using standard universal, leading or trailing Triac dimmers
  • can be used with the M-Dim for automat regulation of light levels throughout the day
  • very bright - the 16W LED downlights offer a total light output of similar 16W LEDs by up to 200 lumens and 50W halogen globe by up to 903 lumens
  • high CRI (colour rendering index) – The high 90 CRI score makes colours, furnishings and people look their best
  • efficient - at 16 watts these efficient LEDs offer more light using less power
  • long lasting – these LEDs have been designed to last for thirty years (70 000 hours)
  • designed to last in Australia’s hot temperatures and unique electrical conditions, unlike more sensitive European lights
  • attractive design - Brightgreen lights are hand carved from pure cool and look great with modern interiors

Contact Brightgreen for more information about its unique D900 Cube, square LED downlights and other ecologically friendly lighting solutions