Brightgreen has added four new products to their LED wall lighting range, each one designed to offer unprecedented adaptability in application.

Brightgreen’s latest collection of four LED wall lights is ideal for creating ambient accent lighting and sculptural feature pieces. The new collection includes the W200 SX Curve, the W900 SX Curve, the W200 SX Cube and the W900 SX Cube.

The extreme adaptability of Brightgreen’s new decorative wall lights comes from a choice of three adjustment mechanisms including a protractible base, a 360° body rotation and universal gimballing, which allow the light beam to be adjusted with a simple touch. Designers have the flexibility to create a unique composition using an array of designs for ambient wall art, or a simple succession of luminaires for pared-back feature lighting.

Key features of Brightgreen’s new LED wall lighting collection include pure aluminium construction, hand-sanded and painted for a craftsman's finish; Tru-Colour technology enhancing the appearance of interior colours and details; seamless integration with a range of dimmers and automation systems; Cube and Curve designs to suit any space; choice of 200 and 900 lumen outputs for each design; and simple surface-mounting providing the added benefit of increasing thermal and sound insulation for homeowners.

By adding indirect, peripheral lighting to their projects, Brightgreen equips designers with the tools to create an extra layer in their design as well as to reduce glare. The choice of two shapes in two sizes in both white and silver finishes also provides unlimited composition options and adaptability.