Brightgreen  showcased the second generation of their award-winning D900 LED downlights at DesignEx 2013.

Featuring a market-leading Tru-Colour 95CRI score, the D900 Cube and Curve ranges have been redesigned with new features that are set to redefine energy efficient lighting.

According to CEO and head product designer, David O’Driscoll, the D900 v2 is just the start with tons of new Brightgreen products on their way to open up even more creative possibilities.

Key features of D900 Curve v2 LED downlights:

  • Trimless design blends seamlessly into interiors for a minimalist look
  • Brightgreen’s new interchangeable fascias can be added to shape the light uniquely and create colour
  • Universal gimballing feature allows tilting to 30° in any direction, projecting light wherever it’s needed
  • Completely airtight to reduce heating or cooling costs
  • Increases energy savings
  • Recessed lens with even less glare than before
Key features of D900 Cube v2 LED downlights:

  • Dims even lower than previous version
  • Increased optical efficiency
  • Soft-edged beam for smoother light transitions
  • Fits perfectly into a 92mm circular cut-out
  • New spring mechanism allows the D900 Cube v2 to snap easily in and out of the ceiling