Australian LED technology company Brightgreen has launched the new Gen3 LED driver for its luminaire range.

Known for its superior luminaire design and Tru-Colour light quality, Brightgreen has now released the Gen3 LED driver, highlighting the brand’s leadership in electronic design. Engineered to go above and beyond standard LED driver performance, Gen3 drivers are designed to deliver excellent control system compatibility and seamless, deep dimming.

Also known as electronic transformers, drivers alter the mains power supply to deliver the perfect amount of power to low-energy fittings. The Gen3 LED driver is based on new technology that has been tested and proven to combat the major problems associated with LED lighting, ensuring flicker-free deep dimming, market-leading response times, longer product lifetimes, and a more enjoyable lighting control experience.

Key features of Brightgreen Gen3 LED drivers include an intricate electronic design with a digital integrated circuit in multiple-stage topologies; and compatibility with the broadest range of home automation systems and dimmers. This compatibility also means that homeowners can install dimmers or wireless control systems in the future, allowing their lighting to operate on a variety of products.