Brightgreen has introduced a new range of LED downlights designed to address the problems associated with high glare models in lighting design.

Brightgreen’s revolutionary new LED downlight design, the D700+ has been proven to reduce Unified Glare Ratings (UGR), allowing users to achieve more ambient and inviting interior lighting schemes in their homes.

To be released shortly in the market at a competitive price point, the new D700+ LED downlights deliver multiple benefits including low glare, high energy efficiency and unmatched adaptability.

New low-glare design

A deeply recessed, low-glare lens that shields the light source from the viewer’s direct line of sight combines with the luminaire’s direct beam to allow for more comfortable, ambient illumination, enabling lighting designers to design with light instead of drowning interiors with unwanted light spill.

Market-leading efficiency

Going above and beyond standard LED efficiency, the D700+ uses its airtight, universal gimbal design and IC-rating to deliver higher home energy ratings along with a totally sealed and fully insulated ceiling.

Unmatched adaptability

The simple interchangeable fascia and filter system allows homeowners to update the D700+ to match interior changes throughout its 70,000-hour lifetime, giving users greater control over the style, colour and lighting effect of the fitting and the light beam itself.