Melbourne-based premium LED lighting brand Brightgreen has launched a new range of affordable Tru-Colour LED lights for no-frills everyday illumination.

The new Loomi LED lights use Tru-Colour technology developed by Brightgreen to make spaces, people and objects look their very best.

Where regular LEDs illuminate only eight colours, Tru-Colour lights illuminate fourteen key colours, producing a better quality of white light made up of almost all the colours of the visible spectrum. Tru-Colour is provided as standard in all Loomi LED lights, ensuring there is never a dull moment.

Loomi LED lights generate amazing brightness at the flick of a switch while keeping energy consumption to the minimum. In addition to offering energy efficient performance for cheaper power bills, Loomi lights have a long lifespan, lasting at least 35,000 hours, which equates to 15 years of daily usage.

The first product in the Loomi LED range is the 12W ceiling light, designed to replace the conventional 50W halogen light.

Brightgreen is also looking for stockists and sales representatives for the Loomi LED range.