Boral Building Services  is known for supplying quality building and construction material throughout Australia. It also does significant business in USA and Asia. Boral Building Services provides employment to 16,100 people working across 707 operating sites.

Boral Building Services supplies a variety of products to meet any kind of construction and building requirement. Boral Building Services has products to suit specific needs of clients, whether it is home renovation, installation, flooring, commercial or residential building, roofing or landscaping materials. The construction and building material from Boral Building Services includes clay bricks, pavers, concrete masonry products, windows, timber, clay and concrete roof tiles, quarry products, cement, pre-mix concrete, asphalt and flyash.

Boral Building Services holds a good market position in Australia, USA and Asia. After its de-merger in January 2000, it has operated solely as a building products and construction material group.

Recently on 13 February 2008, Boral Building Services announced an off-market buy-back. Boral Building Services also announced on the same date that it is going to build a new masonry plant in Western Australia. Further, Boral Building Services also has plans to build a masonry plant in Southern Australia.