Boral Bricks  is a manufacturer and supplier of bricks and is owned by Boral Limited of Australia. Boral Bricks comprises seven brick manufacturing sites across Australia. They are the second largest manufacturer of bricks and clays in the country. Boral Bricks exports pavers and clay bricks to New Zealand, Japan and other Asian countries.

There is a wide range of brick and paver styles, colours and textures available from Boral Bricks. Products offered by Boral Bricks are useful in gardens, path ways, drive ways, outdoor areas, homes and building projects.

Some of the brand names available from Boral Bricks include e Elan, Horizon, Nuvo, Woodstock, Escura and Revive. Other products from Boral Bricks include cement, concrete, dry mixes, oxides, pavers, plasterboard, plywood, retaining walls, roof tiles, timber flooring, windows, quarry products, repair products and sand.

Boral Bricks has recently introduced Escura smooth face bricks. Sharp edges, clean lines and amazing colour consistency are some of the specialties of Escura smooth face bricks. The range of new colours includes Jute, Frost and Taupe.

Boral Bricks has recently introduced a free sample service, 'cxpress' and published a technical manual for anyone working with bricks and clays.