Boral Bricks general manager David Bird says clay bricks are one of the most durable options for residential homes. A classic choice for buildings, clay bricks last in excess of 50 years without requiring painting or maintenance, making them a worthwhile investment during building or renovations.

Boral’s clay bricks deliver multiple advantages including durability, sustainability, energy efficiency and stylish design, proving their high functional value beyond the obvious aesthetic benefits.

A brick construction delivers benefits all year around, keeping the home naturally cooler in summer and warmer in winter, helping to contribute to significant savings in the household power bill.

According to research by the University of Newcastle, the brick’s ability to absorb, store and release heat due to its thermal mass makes it a very energy efficient and sustainable building material. Double-walled brick homes offer the greatest efficiency, and when combined with passive design concepts such as home orientation, airflow, and solar power, can achieve minimal active heating and cooling requirements.

Made from naturally occurring clay deposits, brick is free from contaminants and resistant to pests and fire. Being easily reusable and recyclable, bricks are also easier on the environment. David Bird explains that recent investments in the production environment by Boral have improved the energy efficiency of brick production, resulting in a more efficient and sustainable manufacturing process.

Boral bricks are available in a wide variety of colours, textures, shapes and sizes. The bricks are kiln-fired up to 1130°C, locking in colour for the life of the brick. Bricks are available in standard, 50mm and double height sizes.