Boral Bricks has added a new shade of red to their Escura Smooths range, giving architects and builders more options to create ‘Melbourne-style’ homes.

Extending the choice of red bricks in the Escura collection, the new Victorian Red has a smoother finish and deeper colour, which mirrors the traditional designs of Victorian and federation style homes. 

David Bird, general manager of Boral Bricks East explains that producing a deep red smooth brick can be challenging for manufacturers due to the high clay content. However, Boral has been able to achieve a rich traditional shade of red by improving the clay mix and the manufacturing process, as well as making the brick denser. 

According to David, red bricks have strong appeal in Victoria, where architecture is defined by its juxtaposition of old and new; the use of red bricks injects a touch of traditional Victorian style into a new or renovated home. 

David adds that the new Escura Smooth Victorian Red allows homeowners to add a classic touch by creating a red-brick chimney, window trims or columns. Alternatively they can make a statement with a strong red brick exterior off-set by bold white or grey trim and fascia. 

Featuring a consistent texture and almost ceramic appearance with straight edges, the Escura Smooth clay bricks don’t fade, warp, decay or dent. Bricks are also a strong, safe, durable and low-maintenance solution, which is important when considering the whole of life cost of a home.