Boral Bricks has announced that it has expanded its range of slimline bricks, with the aim of increasing design options and creating a point of difference.

This increased selection of slimline format bricks was introduced in response to a growing trend for interior and exterior features in residential buildings, such as:

  • facades
  • entrances
  • formal areas; and
  • fireplaces.

The bricks can be mixed and matched through colour, texture and size, and due to their flatter, elongated shape, they can also be used to create decorative effects in walls and pillars.

Boral Design Consultant Judy Dymond explains that the expanded bricks range is a response to the growing importance and use of composite elements in architectural style.

"By providing companion products across three brick ranges, it gives the opportunity to deliver simple solutions by using different formats. This helps creates visual interest and enhances architectural styles, especially the strong trend for composite design," she says.