Boral Bricks  have introduced new concrete bricks to their extensive range of brick products. Omega concrete bricks have been manufactured in a unique shape so they are lighter in weight than standard bricks, making them easier to use. 

They are only available in Victoria and are most suitable for commercial construction use.   The concrete masonry bricks have a 3 in 16 solid feature for use in fractions, and have greater than 10MPa. Boral Bricks also provide a brick calculator to determine how many Omega bricks are required to complete a particular project.  

Omega concrete bricks are strong and simple in design, and give good acoustic and fire protection. They are versatile enough to be used in both load bearing and non-load bearing applications.  

Boral Bricks are Australia’s largest building and construction materials supplier and can guarantee the highest quality in all their products including Omega concrete bricks.