Boral Bricks  call on architects, building designers and builders to update the details on their range of products, following enhancements to Boral Bricks’ Clay Bricks & Pavers technical manual. The latest manual features an all-new section on clay pavers, in addition to updated information on thermal properties, acoustic performance rating, clay brick properties, brick blends and product data sheets.

According to Eddy Maini, Marketing Manager, Boral Bricks, the new Clay Brick & Pavers technical manual is a vital resource to make an informed selection simpler and faster. For this reason, they were advising the customers to update their information as soon as possible. Those with existing manuals can do this with an update pack and those without can order a new manual. The Manual also includes product brochures, recent Projects In View (PIV) issues and Chip Express ordering details for free samples.