Boon Edam announces the launch of a tall glass model of Speedlane Compact speedstiles designed to provide additional jump-over protection for extra security in sensitive facilities.

Released in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, the stylish Speedlane Compact is particularly ideal for smaller interior spaces.

The tall glass version will not only seamlessly integrate into a wide variety of architecturally designed interior spaces, but also provide the security benefit of additional jump-over protection, says Boon Edam, which has been a leader in the field of security entrances and architectural revolving doors for more than 140 years.

“The tall glass version gives architects, building managers and facility managers the option to add an extra layer of jump-over protection in a stylish and compact speedgate that can be installed unobtrusively in a range of interior building applications,” says Boon Edam Australia business development manager, Darren Assey.

The Speedlane Compact series, which also comes in a low glass option, is one of the smallest speedstiles on the market, measuring just 1,200mm long by 990mm high by 150mm wide.

Reliable security for small spaces

“The Speedlane Compact is designed to be installed in interior spaces to add an additional layer of security. In many modern buildings, simply putting a security entrance at the front doesn’t meet the complex needs of multi-tenanted buildings, or facilities where some parts contain valuable data, equipment or IP,” Assey explained.

“In addition to reliable security and elegant aesthetics, Boon Edam backs all its products with outstanding customer service, with a company goal to introduce a level of attentive customer service not previously available in Australasia,” he said.

Featuring a small footprint that does not compromise on quality or design, the Speedlane Compact is fashioned to fit into small areas, making it ideal for high-value real estate properties.

The Speedlane Compact’s cabinets allow for integration with many types of technology and access control, including biometrics and facial recognition. Third-party integration is simple and collaborative technology is even more accessible.

The new Speedlane Compact speedgates enable simple installation and maintenance, and are comprehensively backed by Boon Edam’s service and support network. All Boon Edam work is covered by its industry-leading warranty.

“The Speedlane Compact uses advanced algorithms to detect tailgating, piggybacking and other forms of misuse. The sensors also detect objects – people carrying briefcases and trollies through the speedgate – they are recognised as such, and the product’s behaviour adapts accordingly,” added Assey.

Key features of Boon Edam’s Speedlane Compact speedgates include intuitive user guidance; tailgating, safety and object detection sensor sets as standard; easy installation; generous interior space in cabinet for flexible access control system integration; premium quality materials; smooth, swing motion glass barriers; short V-shaped cabinet with ergonomic design and small footprint; flexible lane configurations (including a wide lane for disabled access); and universally understood and proven display symbols.