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    Boon Edam

    Circlelock high security portal

    Circlelock is a high security entrance portal that harmoniously combines elegant good looks with the highest-level security features to prevent tailgating and ensure only authorised people can pass through to the building or facility being protected.

    High security access control features include:

    • Comprising a circular portal with two curved sliding doors, Circlelock opens the outside door upon authorisation of an access control system. 
    • Once the user has entered the portal, a weight system or StereoVision 2 system integrated into the door determines whether the user is alone in the door, providing an efficient anti-piggybacking system.
    • After sensing the presence of the person in the Circlelock and if there is no alarm situation, the first door will close and lock after which the second door will automatically open.
    • When the person has left the Circlelock, the second door will close and lock again.
    • The Circlelock is now in rest position and ready (stand by) to start a new cycle.
    • A red/green LED indication on the end stiles shows the status of each door wing at each side of the Circlelock.

    An additional biometrics identification system can match the biometric data of the user to a database to ensure the right person is entering the area.  Only when both security systems give a clear signal, will the second door open and can the secured area be entered.

    Its combination of good looks and high security mean that it is highly applicable to government and diplomatic buildings, banks, prestige jewellery and high value retail outlets, computer and data server rooms, data centres and corporate offices and headquarters.


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