Boon Edam showcased a suite of entrance security solutions at the 2019 Security and Government Expo (SAGE) held in Canberra. A global leader with more than 140 years of experience in entrance security and architectural revolving door technologies, Boon Edam put on display their latest technologies including speedgates with integrated lift destination and facial recognition, drawing the attention of delegates from the Government sector.

The showcased products were among a complete suite of security technologies contained in architecturally harmonious formats used by Fortune 500 companies, Government organisations, legislatures and data institutions globally.

“The Government sector is constantly looking at ways to enhance security, so that they can protect valuable data and assets, as well as meet their duty of care obligations for staff and visitors to their building,” said Boon Edam business development manager Darren Assey.

Boon Edam and its dedicated ACT technology supply, installation and maintenance partner, have extensive Government sector experience, with local and international installations across all levels of government that elegantly combine top security with aesthetics that blend in with their surrounds.

“Government organisations at SAGE had widely varying interests, depending on their security needs, but across all levels, access control was essential. The people I spoke to needed to ensure that they knew who was entering their buildings or facilities, for the safety of people, data and assets inside,” said Assey.

According to Assey, Government organisations are focussed on cost-effective technologies that enhance security and efficiency, as well as after-sales service and support. Boon Edam’s service commitment was very well received by the Government sector.

Lift destination partnership with Schindler

Boon Edam’s new lift destination partnership with Schindler port technology drew particular interest from forward-thinking organisations looking to improve efficiency, control traffic flow and ensure building security, said Assey.

Known as The Power of Two, the new global partnership combines the best technologies from the two leaders to deliver an integrated system that greatly enhances transit efficiency, especially in high rise buildings with multiple lifts, across public and private facilities throughout the Asia-Pacific and Australasia.

Assey explained that Schindler’s industry leading destination algorithm allowed the time between entering a speedgate and reaching the lift (typically 5-10 seconds) to be utilised to call the correct elevator. With Boon Edam’s Speedlane Lifeline speedgates preventing unauthorised personnel from entering a waiting lift, security is assured throughout the entire process.

Consequently, traffic congestion is reduced by up to 50 per cent, making a considerable difference in medium to high rise buildings where large numbers of people are transiting through the building each day.

Facial recognition

Boon Edam’s latest innovation is the integration of facial recognition into their entrance security technologies.

Unlike early forms of facial recognition paired with speedgates, Boon Edam has integrated the facial recognition camera into the top-plate of the gate, avoiding any chance of the camera being bumped or knocked out of position while also improving aesthetics.

Boon Edam’s technology will work with most quality facial recognition cameras, eliminating compatibility issues. Given the rapid advances made in facial recognition technologies, Boon Edam’s latest innovation is a major asset for organisations considering integrating this technology into their security entrances.