Boon Edam Australia has partnered with Schindler PORT Technology to present a solution that elegantly combines speed gate security and transit intelligence for seamless and efficient movement of people in buildings.

A global leader of elevator destination control systems, Schindler has rapidly expanded its footprint into mobility solutions within buildings with PORT Technology. PORT facilitates secure access and seamless journeys for users throughout an entire building. By integrating PORT with Boon Edam’s secure entrance systems, buildings can benefit from a single cutting-edge solution that allows both secure and seamless movement of people.

A PORT-integrated speed gate will quickly authenticate and authorise a visitor or resident via RFID card or the myPORT smartphone app whereby visitors can be granted access via a web-based colour code. Once authenticated, the PORT’s elevator dispatch algorithm instantaneously allocates the best possible elevator to the passenger, helping the user quickly reach their destination.

Boon Edam’s Lifeline Speedlane Swing is well-known as the slimmest, fully operational speed gate on the market for effective and aesthetic entrance management. Revolutionising the security industry since 2014, the speed gate features a smooth, premium glass casing housing intuitive-coloured LED lights that effortlessly glide along the tapered cabinet top to ease visitors seamlessly through the checkpoint.

The Lifeline Speedlane Swing is designed to effectively detect tailgating. The product’s aesthetic can also be easily adjusted to either blend in or stand out, depending on the needs of the elevator lobby area.

Jeroen Thuis, Group Business Development Manager, Royal Boon Edam International B.V. says: "We strongly feel that partnering with adjacent industries in today’s connected world is a must to continuously offer the best solutions to our customers. By combining the most sophisticated elevator control systems and the number one speed gate, Schindler’s PORT Technology and Boon Edam offer the best of both worlds in one seamless integration of secure entry management and elevator destination control."

This solution is available to order throughout the EMEA and Asia regions.