Global entrance solutions leader Boon Edam has partnered with leading New Zealand door installation and service company Commercial and Industrial Doors to support the expansion of their operations in Australasia. Boon Edam specialises in architectural revolving doors and security entrance systems.

Boon Edam Australia Managing Director, Mr Michael Fisher explained that the two companies will partner nationally in the sales, installation, maintenance and retrofit of Boon Edam’s entry technologies, which serve dozens of Fortune 500 companies.

According to Mr Fisher, Commercial and Industrial Doors is an acknowledged national leader in its field, being extensively involved with major private commercial and industrial clients, transport terminals and government agencies in access and security projects. The NZ company has worked on nationally important property and construction projects, including the post-earthquake rebuilding of Christchurch.

Boon Edam has also entered into an alliance with the Auto Ingress Group in Australia, complementing the Commercial and Industrial Doors partnership and extending their comprehensive installation and service capabilities on both sides of the Tasman. 

Thanks to the new partnership with Commercial and Industrial Doors, Boon Edam benefits from expanded availability of 24/7 service and maintenance agreements for existing, new and retrofit installations of their technologies in public and private facilities, including office buildings, data centres, airports, healthcare facilities, shopping centres and retail outlets, major hotels, restaurants and national attractions visited by millions of people a year.

The tie-up will also make available a larger range of Boon Edam’s world-class architectural entrance and security solutions across the region, supported by 24/7 service from Commercial and Industrial Doors, which is already relied upon by some of New Zealand’s biggest banking, retail, food service, agribusiness, energy and construction businesses, as well as security-conscious government agencies.

Commercial and Industrial Doors’ local capabilities complement Boon Edam’s in-house expertise and direct links to their global portfolio of advanced entrance solutions. The partnership will ensure that existing and new clients of both companies throughout New Zealand benefit from greater on-the-ground expertise.

Commercial and Industrial Doors Director Mr Jeff Lee says that his company, like Boon Edam, prides itself on range, service and quality of work. Its installation and service team, which has a strong architectural core, deals with thousands of automatic doors, including custom-designed models. All operate in compliance with national health and safety standards, with IQP registration for the inspection, maintenance and reporting of automatic doors throughout New Zealand.

Observing that speed, security and quality of work were critical to customers’ business, he recalled how in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake, people were extremely fearful of being trapped in buildings. Top priority was given to making sure all exit doors were clear and operational. During building assessments conducted after the earthquakes in abandoned offices, the importance of access and egress in emergency situations was obvious.

Commercial and Industrial Doors recently completed work on a new bus exchange, which has more than 50 auto sliders interfaced with the bus door control system to open and close as the bus doors are activated.

Mr Lee added:

“Commercial and industrial facilities rely on quick, easy access to and from buildings to keep people and processes moving and secure. Without easy, safe, fast access, business can grind to a halt. As with Boon Edam, we provide strong ongoing solutions in which customers can have confidence today and into the future.”