Boon Edam presents a compact new speed gate designed to provide extra security even where front-to-back lobby space is limited. The new Speedlane Compact speed gate from the global security entrance and architectural revolving door leader Boon Edam is being introduced in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Building and facility managers have a Duty of Care towards employees and visitors to protect them from harm from unauthorised persons, or theft of valuable equipment, property or data.

“As pedestrian traffic through buildings increases, so does the pressure to safely manage front entrances and internal access to authorised areas. And with floor space at a premium, it isn’t always practical to install a full length security speed gate, especially where the front-to-back lobby space is limited,” said Boon Edam Australia managing director, Michael Fisher.

Short, secure and stylish speed gates

To protect buildings, including interior spaces, against unauthorised entry, companies are implementing a layered security system. Boon Edam’s new Speedlane Compact, which measures just 1200mm long by 990mm high by 150mm wide, is one of the smallest speed stiles on the market to also offer the combination of reliable security and elegant aesthetics.

Designed to fit into small spaces, the Speedlane Compact is perfect for high-value real estate properties. It does an effective job within a very small space, ensuring that only authorised people can enter the designated area, thereby allowing security personnel to be optimally used elsewhere in the facility. The small footprint of the Speedlane Compact does not compromise on quality or design.

Swinging security speed gates for tight spaces

The Speedlane Compact incorporates all the necessary functions needed in a security speed gate, to provide reliable performance in space-constrained areas.

“By selecting only the essential features and core components of the robust, proven security entrance technology, Boon Edam has been able to create a highly cost-efficient speed gate, without compromising on quality,” said Fisher.

Simple installation, integration and maintenance

The Speedlane Compact’s cabinets allow for integration with many types of access control and other technologies. Third-party integration is simple and collaborative technology is even more accessible.

Speedlane Compact speed gates are designed for simple installation and maintenance, and are comprehensively backed by Boon Edam’s service and support network as well as their industry-leading warranty.

Key features of Boon Edam’s Speedlane Compact security speed gates include intuitive user guidance; tailgating, safety and object detection sensor sets as standard; easy installation; generous interior space cabinet for flexible access control system integration; premium quality materials; smooth, swing motion glass barriers; short V-shaped cabinet with ergonomic design and small footprint; flexible lane configurations (including a wide lane for disabled access); and universally understood and proven display symbols.