Boon Edam, a world-leading supplier of architectural revolving doors and security entrances, announces unique leasing plans for their product range. The leasing plans, typically extending over 3-5 years, will apply to both revolving doors and security entrances.

Boon Edam’s entrance solutions are used by major corporate, computer, data centre, facility management, hospitality, industrial and scientific research, tourism, retail, transport terminals, healthcare and government clients in 27 countries around the world.

Boom Edam Australia says the new entrance leasing plans for Australia and New Zealand are the first of their type in the region and reflect the ongoing success enjoyed by the company since the start of their operations Down Under.

Boon Edam Australia Managing Director Michael Fisher explains that the unique leasing innovation will assist clients by turning capital expenditure (CAPEX) into operating expenditure (OPEX), leaving capital finances free to be invested in other worthwhile initiatives such as sustainability. Companies also improve cash flow while reducing expenses.

These leasing plans will offer assured ROI for clients who replace their manned security installations with Boon Edam’s entrance solutions.

According to Mr Fisher, by replacing costly manpower, Boon Edam security products could pay for themselves inside the lease period, with the client retaining the product at the end of the period.

The leases will apply to the architecturally harmonious Tourlock, Circlelock and Lifeline security ranges, which have been deployed by some of the world’s biggest companies as well as dozens of Fortune 500 companies and major financial and corporate facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

Leasing plans are also available on Boon Edam’s architectural revolving doors, including the Tournex, Duotour, Twintour and Tourniket ranges used in the revitalisation of Melbourne’s Rialto Centre and in the world’s tallest building, the 828m Burj Khalifa in Dubai. They are also used in prestigious facilities such as Australian corporate headquarters, banks, legislative facilities, clubs and private and State facilities.

In addition to delivering financial benefits, the new leasing plans also respond to the need for increased security in public and private facilities as well as protection of people and property.

Boon Edam’s latest Tourlock, Circlelock and Lifeline ranges of access security products address the need to provide high security even at times when security staff is scarce. These products not only secure the entrances to data centres, but can also be used for company perimeters, corporate HQ entrances and designated building facility entrances, as well as other sensitive interior areas.

Boon Edam entrance security technologies

Boon Edam’s latest security products are backed in the field throughout Australasia by dedicated service and security teams assembled here by Boon Edam Australia. Boon Edam technologies (such as Tourlock, Circlelock, and Lifeline) include entrances featuring high-security simultaneous bi-directional revolving doors with stereoscopic camera vision to identify and exclude threats.

Mr Fisher describes the Lifeline Series as one of Boon Edam’s most versatile and useful ranges for entrance security, because it can be used in so many different scenarios, from allowing smooth and guided disability access through to multi-tiered security buildings, where high volumes of people need to be guided simultaneously to different areas.