Centred on clean lines, a neutral colour palette and clutter-free design, the new generation of home offices is rooted in calm – creating a relaxed space to work.

We’ve entered phase 2.0 of working from home since the pandemic hit in 2020 when work rapidly pivoted to remote and makeshift home offices were created. Three years on, hybrid working arrangements are commonplace and, according to a 2021 report from management consultants McKinsey, 53 per cent of people would like to work from home for at least three days a week. It’s clear that the home office is here to stay so it makes sense to make it a thoughtful, well-designed space.

When The Happiness Research in Copenhagen looked into what makes people more satisfied with their homes than others, the ability to separate work and play was high up on the priority list. They concluded it is important to understand how visible objects trigger our mental capacity. It is, therefore, essential to find ways to separate work life from home life, which is where clever design comes in.

At BoConcept, we’re putting the emphasis on designing home office spaces that provide the ability to work hard but in a relaxing environment. We recognise that everybody’s set up is different. Not everyone has a separate room to act as an office, so the focus is on creating dual purpose spaces with smart storage and the ability to seamlessly transition spaces between work and ‘play’ modes.

So what are the design solutions to keep in mind when creating your productive yet relaxing workspace?

1. Prioritise organisation

“Organisation is critical to creating the perfect home office,” says BoConcept interior designer Carina Gartner. “By keeping your office organised and free of clutter you increase your efficiency and reap the style benefits, too.”

With this in mind, most of our desks incorporate storage solutions and cable tidy portals. The stylish Cupertino desk, with its large tabletop and roomy drawers, has integrated storage meaning everything you need in a home office can be hidden away in an instant.

2. Make it minimalist

The principles of Danish minimalism are conducive to creating calm and uncluttered work areas. Clean lines, a neutral colour palette and clever design also ensure multipurpose rooms remain stylish outside of working hours. Add a minimalist touch to your home office with the Asti desk. Sleek silhouettes and slim proportions combine to ensure a timeless, dynamic design that suits every space, whatever your personal style.

3. Find your perfect chair

Your work chair is an essential investment – where comfort, ergonomics and style can all happily converge. “Make sure your office chair is at a comfortable height for your desk and ergonomic enough for long work days at home,” says BoConcept interior designer Christian Schlesinger. “Our iconic Adelaide chair is all about curves, comfort and character.”

The swivel base provides flexibility and the fully upholstered seat means you’ll sit in comfort all day. Most of BoConcept’s chairs can be customised for your space, comfort and style, too. You can personalise everything from the material and colour of the seat; whether or not to have armrests; a swivel or wheel base; and even matching seat pads for additional comfort.

4. Optimise functionality and flexibility

In a post-pandemic landscape, the desire to optimise home spaces and build flexibility into everyday environments continues to grow. Versatility and multi-functionality are key to optimising the spaces we live in, no matter the size. Equally, it’s worth considering investing in multifunctional pieces that are versatile for work and beyond.

“The days of leaving the office at 4 o’clock, and not giving work any additional thought, are over. We basically work 24 hours a day and enjoy spare time 24 hours a day. People don’t want static, work-orientated spaces anymore,” says BoConcept senior designer Henrik Pederson.

5. Make it beautiful

At BoConcept, we believe beauty and functionality can co-exist. Creating a stylish working space that is uniquely you will increase the feel-good factor as well as productivity. We suggest enlisting the direction of our complimentary Interior Design Service (IDS) to help create a beautifully functional home office. And select pieces for their aesthetics as well as practicality. The Kingston desk encapsulates both qualities with its organic shape that exudes softness and slightly tapered legs that give a light, Nordic feel.

6. Add a touch of cosy - or Hygge, as we call it in Denmark

Who says you have to work in a sterile environment? Make sure your workspace is ‘hygge’ by incorporating organic shapes, tactile surfaces, soothing colours and cosy touches. Plants are always a calming addition to a workspace and a rug placed beneath the desk adds comfort and texture. Think about the furniture’s materials. Crafted with a combination of metal and wood, our Asti desk is the ideal base for creating a cosy working area. And depending on the size of your space, you could also consider including a sofa or armchair for moments that don’t require you to sit at your desk, or for taking important breaks.