Blueprint Concepts  Concepts have completed the first stage of Georges Manor nursing home at Georges Hall. Stage one consists of three buildings, of three floors each. Impressive signage has been fitted throughout the nursing home.

Interchangeable signage systems, specific Braille and tactile sprayed to match PMS colours and highly detailed room/suite numbering were also installed.

The room numbering was a full signage system with interchangeable sections and components which allowed residents to display up to two 6 x 4inch photos, an interchangeable name plate and a large floral pattern.

The way finding signage throughout the project uses a similar system. The interchangeable signage systems make it possible for the nursing home to change any of the suite numbers or lift numbers.

The exterior signage of the building has large scale photo anodised panels, individual letters pinned on the wall and large engraved stainless steel plates.