Construction industry stakeholders have expressed their concerns about the supply lead-time and availability of compliant cladding, following the spread of the deadly Coronavirus in Asia, specifically China. 

To address the concerns of the industry, leading facade cladding manufacturer BLUECHIP has expanded their manufacturing network to include new partnerships with quality manufacturers from southwest Asia and Europe.

Having understood the pitfalls associated with single origin sourcing of NCC compliant products, the company had, several years ago, invested in multiple supply partners to mitigate this risk. This forward investment combined with maintaining one of the largest stockholdings of NCC compliant cladding products in Australia, is now paying off for BLUECHIP as they are able to ensure reliable continuity of supply to the building industry for both new builds and recladding projects.

By mandating strict specification and certification requirements, BLUECHIP also ensures that new suppliers will provide quality products that are compliant and consistent. Requirements include third party Quality Assurance auditing of the ISO-9001 compliant premises by global science QA organisation UL. All existing testing and certification documents with the inclusion of NATA accredited fire testing will remain valid.

BLUECHIP’s expanded manufacturing base is ensuring ongoing reliable supply for stock as well as for large project orders, which can be assured of delivery within 12-14 weeks from the order, similar to the previous supply from mainland China.