Bishop Decorative Finishes  has added three new Marmorino polished stucco plasters to their website.

The Marmorino stucco Veneziano plasters include Carrara plaster, a natural honed stone plaster finish found on classical interiors throughout Italy. Carrara polished stuccos are being used to replace paint finishes.

Marmorino Velvet Carrara, another plaster in the range has the appearance of a fine render with a velvet feel typical of all stucco Veneziano finishes. The third of the new Marmorino stucco plasters is the concrete lime plaster trowel finish, which is in high demand.

Bishop’s Waterstone Marmorino polished stucco plasters are being specified on wall and ceiling surfaces at several luxury interior projects around Australia and Asia. Marmorino concrete finish is ideal for interiors with a contemporary industrial feel.