Leading Australian matting specialist Birrus Matting Systems presents the Ultramat featuring a stylish and enduring design, and engineered for durability and performance.

Trusted by architects across Australia, Birrus Ultramat sets the gold standard for matting systems, combining a range of finishes and options to complement the building entranceway and create the right first impression.

Birrus Ultramat anodised matting systems deliver superior performance in dirt and moisture retention, even in buildings with very high foot traffic. An advanced manufacturing process provides a 15 micron colour coating on the anodised matting, ensuring a finish that lasts even under heavy and prolonged use. The new options are available in both Open and Closed construction forms that have proven popular with architects for years.

Birrus now goes beyond their standard design options to offer a new range of anodised Ultramat systems to further enhance entranceway designs. The Anodised range is available in a full range of carpet colours and options, and can be reviewed on the Birrus website. All Birrus matting systems are individually customised to site specifications to deliver a tailored solution.

The flagship product of the Birrus matting range, the anodised Ultramat is constructed from alternate treads of aluminium and carpet running across the doorway. It is ideal for interior and exterior applications, based on the appropriate type of textured insert selected. The carpet treads are securely held within extruded aluminium retaining sections, which are lightly furrowed on the exposed surface to produce a non-skid surface.