Is bottled water safer to drink than filtered water from the tap? When modern water filtration systems can provide clean and safe drinking water at a much lower cost, why do consumers still have concerns about its quality?

Water packed in plastic water bottles is a popular option but also more expensive. But thanks to strong marketing campaigns, bottled water has become the benchmark for safety and hygiene when it comes to drinking water. However, there’s no doubt about the massive impact of single-use plastic water bottles on the environment; being non-biodegradable, these bottles remain in the environment, causing irreparable damage.

Installing water filtration systems is the most sensible solution – these units not only provide an assured and continuous supply of safe drinking water but also address the issue of plastic waste from packaged water bottles. Ideal for new projects as well as retrofits in commercial, residential and industrial sectors, state-of-the art boiling/chilled water systems address key considerations such as sustainability, energy efficiency, safety, health and cost. However, facility managers, specifiers and architects looking to integrate these systems in their buildings may still have some concerns arising mostly out of misconceptions; the fact is users actually don’t need to compromise their lifestyle choices in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

One common misconception about filtered water systems is about their energy efficiency during operation – that the units consume more energy to keep boiling and chilled water at constant temperatures.

This isn’t so in Billi’s filtered water units where energy is recovered and reused to preheat the boiling water, thereby making a significant cost saving. Billi’s filtration systems are also designed to reduce the facility’s carbon footprint through a number of features. These include thermodynamic heat-exchanged technology to recover and reuse heat energy; high-performance insulation maintaining water temperature and saving; and standby mode conserving power during selected non-use periods.

Billi has also received the Global GreenTag certification, a prestigious environmental accreditation and one of the most trusted and widely recognised ecolabels in the world. Billi’s products comply with GreenTag International standard v.32, and their Eco, Quadra and Quadra Plus models have been granted Gold level certification.

Not all environment-friendly solutions come with a price premium; the instant boiling/chilled filtered water systems from Billi Pty Ltd are not only an affordable investment but also offer ongoing savings by replacing bottled water and reducing energy consumption.