Moving towards a more sustainable future, architects and designers throughout the industry are progressively seeking solutions that have minimal impact on the environment – specifically solutions that can simultaneously contribute to a healthy home and workplace. There are many details in the home and office, such as water filtration devices, that often get overlooked but can positively provide a solution to the problem. 

In their recent whitepaper, Toward a healthier, greener future: A specifier’s guide to sustainable water filtration systems, leading supplier and manufacturer of high-quality drinking water and washroom systems, Billi takes a closer look at key considerations to look out for when specifying water filtration systems. They also explore how this can be a beneficial solution for a healthy home, office and the environment. 

The whitepaper begins by highlighting positive aspects of considering energy consumption where hot or cold water is required and realising that there are a variety of options to aid in reducing the cost of energy consumption. It then proceeds to state how all sectors within the industry are increasingly striving to meet green building standards, recognising that specific filtration systems offer durable, long-lasting, cost effective and environmentally friendly options. The whitepaper concludes by recommending independent certifications that are reliable and relevant to water filtration systems. 

For over 25 years Billi has been at the forefront across Australasian markets, delivering sustainable high performance water filtration solutions for healthy work and living spaces. With Billi’s X series, emphasis is given to prove that performance and efficiency coincides seamlessly with style. 

To learn more about accurately specifying water filtration systems in residential or commercial environments with the goal of being sustainable, download Toward a healthier, greener future: A specifier’s guide to sustainable water filtration systems.